Broken. Always... I think

They say that love is forever… I still am not ok. It’s been years and I still cut myself and do things I know aren’t ok… I’m just broken. Always.

Sending love and support. I know this feeling. Sometimes it feels like pains and traumas are never going to go away.


If you don’t mind me asking, love with who? What kind of love, and how did it end?

The quote “time heals all wounds” is true… Sometimes it just takes its time doing so… If you need someone to talk to, im always around… itll be easier to get ahold through discord or something with a notification though lol

What’s going on? What’s wrong?

even broken crayons still color! I heard this in a entrepreneur class from a young mom. made me smile.
i too struggle with love again…
but today i am going to start trusting again, and being open with people.

I was just having a bad day, I’ve lost my brother, grandpa, friends, & now boss to suicide. Friends to addiction… Just way too many lives. I was honestly quoting the beginning of a song… But I just wasn’t ok. I tried messaging a suicide hotline to talk and I was #28 on the list… What if I was really in trouble? & needed more than just talking… Maybe my brother tried that and couldn’t get through… Blows my mind!

That’s when you text HOME to 741-741 to do something while you wait.