Broken Down

Sorry to bother everyone again, but I’ve broken down again. I’ve cut myself up, and have blood literally on my hands. just need someone to talk to.


@anon78643377 ,
Hey friend i hear you and i see you. Let me tell you this YOU ARE NOT BOTHERING US!!!. Do you know what has caused you to get to this point or what had triggered this feeling of emotion.
Let me tell you this cutting is not a healthy coping mechanism.
I am going to list some healthy coping tools here :

  1. reach out (like you just did) - reaching out to crisis resource hotline
  2. draw
  3. play video games
  4. hang with people you care about
  5. cry into a pillow
  6. go for a walk.
    I will be here for you no matter what friend . ill will be your shoulder to lean on and your shoulder to cry on .
    Hold fast friend you’re worth it!

I dont really know what brought it on, I kinda have a history with randomly getting depressed and like this,
I try drawing Because I really love drawing but lately its caused me more stress than happiness.

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Hey friend,

Thank you so much for sharing here. I know that you are sharing, because you want to heal and you want to find better ways to cope. I want you to know that is incredibly brave.

Also, I want you to know that you can always share here. My encouragement is next time when you’re tempted to grab the blade, post here instead, call a friend instead. Community love and support can be incredibly powerful.

It sounds like you usually try drawing to cope with your emotions which is AMAZING!! I’m sure it’s hard to feel like drawing isn’t bringing you the same kind of relief that it used to and I encourage you to maybe try some other coping skills.

Maybe writing about your feelings might help. Maybe exercise. Maybe meditation. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

Sending love!

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Thank you for the kind word’s.

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What’s your favorite music? It can help you.

I really enjoy metal music.

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Hey, metal fan here. I wanted to share what helps me during really dark days: I try to get obsessed with something new - youtuber, writer, tv series, anything. And just binge-watch/read all available stuff. Sometimes it gets weird, I remember listening to radio shows from 1930s, watching all seasons of russian Hells kitchen lol. Anyway, I would recommend you checking out Jordan Peterson. Tonns of videos on YTube. He’s psychologist. And what if his videos will help you to understand life, universe and everything)

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Me too. It helps me when I am going through dark times. Keep it up.

Alright will do, thank you for the support.

Lol I do similar stuff, thankfully I just got ghost of tsushima today so thats been keeping me distracted.

Hey @anon78643377, you never bother anyone. You have the right to reach out without feeling guilty for doing so. :heart:

Just checking in: how are you doing today?

(Ghost of Tsushima looks really neat btw :wink: )

I’m doing better now that my mind is occupied.