Burning car

Uhh idk I can’t make a new post on discord, so I‘ll just make one on the website ;_;
When I try to make a post via discord, it doesn’t react when I click post idk


Our car was burning just now
They put out the fire

I‘m still panicking
It was supposed to be mine when I finish my test stuff
We have another car luckily
It still makes me so sad I was balling my eyes out and my heart was/is beating so fast ):

Idk I‘m so disoriented
The fire was most likely intentional
Police couldn’t do much sadly

Police and firefighters just left
Man my heart
I can’t breathe ):

I‘m calling with my boyfriend rn
He got me to calm down a bit

I loved this car…


I’m really sorry that happened. I’m just glad that you are okay. The same thing happened to my son, and he hadn’t kept up with the insurance, so it was a total loss.

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Tysm ):
I‘m really sorry for your son

Yeah… I‘m not sure if insurance is gonna help. The police is investigating as I heard.
Why would someone put a car on fire?

I‘m glad it was only in the back, by the gas canister, at the wheel.
I hope it can be repaired or smth

I feel a lot better now
But I still feel kinda weird… I‘ve been pretty dissociative this week.
It just wasn’t good :‘)

But I‘m gonna visit my father for this weekend so I can take my mind off things (:

I hope your situation with your son and the car has gotten better by now 🫶🏻

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Little Update
The police was here this morning and confirmed that it was arson.
They found fire accelerator on our back wheel, where it burned. (It was burning by the gas canister too, but it wasn’t opened/damaged luckily)

Nothing inside the car was damaged, just the outside was burning.
I‘m glad that we noticed early and that our neighbors called firefighters before it got worse… if it was noticed too late, then the car could’ve been damaged even more.
The back axle is damaged tho (and the front axle was damaged beforehand. The back axle happened yesterday.) We wanted to repair the car, before the fire.

My mother was talking to a repair station thing, that we know and he suggested that we should get rid of the car.

It is repairable but the car wasn’t that good anyways… so it would be a waste if we spend that much money on it now. Insurance won’t pay for it, since we didn’t have an insurance on that car (we bought it used a while ago).

I still like the car and it makes me sad (IT HAD HEATING SEATS MAN ;_; ) but eh what can I do?
Like I said in the post, police won’t be able to do anything, since we didn’t catch someone committing the arson… even if we caught them, they wouldn’t have to pay money if they don’t have it.
This is so unfair man…

I don’t get it
Why would you burn a car, from a family?

People these days love to play with fire idk it turns them on I guess… the adrenaline idk.
You know I wouldn’t complain (I would LMAO) if they weren’t able to pay for the damage, I just want them to get the punishment they deserve…

I‘m so mad

Anyways if anything else happens, I‘ll give you an update.
I‘ll visit my dad tmr I‘m excited for that

Have a good day/evening you guys :people_hugging::two_hearts:


This is so unfair man…

It really is. I’m sorry that you had to deal with this. You’re living your life, minding your own business, and someone decides randomly to just add more difficulty in it. Even though it is “only” material things (hankfully!), it is scary and infiuriating at the same time. You don’t expect to have to deal with such situation suddenly.

When I was younger, where I was living with my family, there was once this guy who, in the middle of the night, took one of our plantholders and threw it in the windshield of my parent’s car. It was a heavy thing, and he seemed to have done it with such a willingness to destroy the car that there wasn’t much left of the windshield. My parents had to do the same as you - police, insurance, etc. But nothing could be done against the person really. It wasn’t done against my parents, we didn’t even know the person.

Leaving with a situation like that gives you this feeling that you are left dealing with others shit when you never asked for it in the first place. It’s so frustrating.

I hope that since you posted, you manage to find some resolution regarding what happened. Also that this is not affecting your life/your daily habits too much. Much love to you!

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