Bye for now🙌

Today I ve done a so wrong mistake that have cost me that other person maybe now hate me too(Now I am feeling like I am the worst person that have exist in this world)… And that why I have decided that I need time to myself maybe 3 week of my own mostly, in class I will try to talk, but not like I was before, but after class I will try to do other things.

Maybe for some people I will be look at a drama queen but even if I dont deserve it I need some space and find peace.

I need to clear myself and make peace with me so when that happen, I will be feel better with me.

Take care everyone :heart::heart: Never stop being amaizing :raised_hands: And thank for everything :heart:


Hey, I’ve been there. It sucks when we make mistakes or mess up and it strains our relationship. But, be sure to be gentle with yourself. Forgive yourself. We all make mistakes. We grow and learn from them.

It can be healthy sometimes to just take a step back from social media. To unplug. But don’t push away from the resources that can help you if you need it. Remember the discord is there if you need to connect. Don’t shut off if you need a friend.

I hope you find healing friend. Much love

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We all make mistakes friend, they do not define you! You are more than what you’ve done, and you are loved regardless. You are not being a drama queen. You deserve peace and I hope that’s what you find.
I love you :heart:


Hey @Maisnow,

You don’t look like a drama queen. Even if you feel like you’re the worst person on this world, just know that you’re not. You’re a human being, and we all make mistakes sometimes.

If you feel the need to take some time for yourself, then it’s certainly a healthy thing to do, as long as you know that you can come here anytime and your presence is much appreciated. :heart:

You deserve what is best for you right now, nothing less. So take care of yourself, okay? :wink: And if you ever need to talk, feel free to send me a DM.

Sending love your way. :heart:

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I can only say, thank you to all of you, Your answer is so much appreciated :raised_hands:. I still think of myself like a drama queen but I am trying to improve myself :raised_hands::hugs:


Hey @Maisnow, it’s good to see you! :wink:

No worries, you’re not a drama queen. It’s okay to take some time for yourself when you need it. :heart:

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It’s okay to need time to yourself. I often do the same. You’re trying to work on yourself and that’s what matters. :purple_heart:

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