Can anyone give me some advice?

I’ve been a decent person most of my life. Never really had enemy’s. I have a decent amount of friends. We get along and I have barely fought with any of them. But it’s crazy how I think everyone is thinking about me. Could this be true? I literally feel like if I go a month without talking to friends I feel like I did something wrong or that they don’t like me. I want everyone to it sucks. Plz help. What can I do?

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I definitely understand where you are coming from. I struggle to make meaningful friendships because I am always too worried about what others think. I want people to like me all of the time and when I feel like someone doesn’t, I will start to overthink every tiny thing I said or did. Honestly, the more we worry about people liking us too much, it backfires.

I’m sorry you are going through this. Trust me, I get it. I don’t have much advice since I, too, am dealing with this but I just wanted you to know you are not alone. The times I have just stopped worrying about having everyone like me, ironically, I was able to get closer with people. For example, when I first met my now wife, I was just myself. I am a very awkward person and I am not into what most people seem to be into. She actually told me one of the reasons she liked me at the beginning was because I was weird.

Not sure if that helps at all but I would say it’s best to just be yourself. If you are someone who is a people pleaser and wants others to like them, that’s okay. Just be you. The people you meet who truly appreciate that part of you will be your real friends.

I hope you have a good day my friend. Stay strong!

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My advice would be to reach out to them more than once a month. Simply checking in to see how someone is doing goes a long way. Becoming meaningful friends with others doesn’t happen over night and is a process over time. It takes honesty, consistency, and being there through the good and bad. But, ensuring everyone will like you is a challenging task because you can’t control what others do or think. I would encourage to be true to yourself and show those close to your who you really are and be confident in that. That will attract a good and close group of friends.
I hope this was helpful!