Can I just die now?

Why in the hell should I exist when the people I live with don’t give a shit about me, my sister never listens, my parents scare me to speak up. They never ask if I’m fine, if I cry out of fear, I’m angry actually, if I seclude myself I am being hypocritical because I want people around me and attention. Should I even be around here any more if my parent have a fucked up sense of knowing of how I feel, well, more like not fucking knowing. They took my phone and they stared at me with that face, the expression that gives me downright fear, they talked about something but I was racing through thoughts of what they are gonna do because they had that face.They never asked whats wrong, they just told me to stop being angry and crying. I shouldn’t cry anymore, I shouldn’t be crying at all but the tears keep rolling. Its only when it blows up in their face do they notice something. I just want to erase myself, I don’t want to be in this pain. Just let me die please, I should go do it now actually. I just want the misery to end.


They are probably just taking you for granted. You are not a mistake or a blemish. By what i have seen you do for others on heartupport I admire you. Your’e awesome Sky-Trev! Please, do not go die! You can make a difference, plus you have made a difference to so many others already! There are more people out there than the ones you live with who don’t take you for granted!
You are loved, you matter, and you can change the world (plus you already have changed the world for some people.) You are worth it.
I know that what i say would not have that much effect but i am truly putting thought and feeling into this.


Please don’t die. We care about you. You matter.


Thank you both, I guess its tough to accept that you have a family who barely give a crap about you and only to fulfil their religious desires


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