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Can you help me

Hello heartsupport it’s my frist time here

From the previous months i’ve been struggling with a lot of emotions like loneliness, hate, anxiety, stress and depression. I’ve been getting over these feelings through masturbation. I wanna make a change in my life and mental health. All over the pandemic has getting worse on my life. I gain a lot of weight and i feel bad. I think that is what has affected me the most and triggered all these feelings, i been hateing myself for a lot of time, because i’ve been bullied and rejected. I just wanna change and know more about mental health.


First off, welcome! You’re in the right place.

The fact that you are here wanting to make a change means you’re ready. It won’t be easy at all, but if you’re willing to put in the work, you’ll start to heal.

Masturbation is a tough thing to get over. It affects the brain a lot like drugs. Eventually you build up a tolerance and need more and different scenarios to get the same endorphin release, and it can cause problems in your real sex life. With the advent of internet porn, it’s becoming a serious health issue for a lot of people. There are support groups for it though, places where they can give you holistic practices to stop. Reddit has a community I think is called r/nofap.

Everything else–the weight gain, bullying, and rejection–are very real contributors to mental health issues. There are a lot of people on this forum dealing with those same things, and a lot of people who can support you through them. I could say more, but I need more coffee first :laughing: :coffee: We’re glad you’re here though!

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Thanks a lot, it mean much for me, sorry for my english.
I just wanna make a change.


Hey @bram_castillo

Thank you for being vulnerable and taking the first step in wanting change in your life especially with mental health. I agree that this pandemic is making alot of things worse and more difficult for changing anything. Physical health, mental health, and emotional health all affect each other in a ripple effect so small changes can have a big effect.

Masturbation is definitely tough to get over i recommend finding accountability with friends or family to help and use apps such as CovenantEyes that send reports, even though it is cheap to have it…your mental health is more important.

With weight gain you do not have to go extreme measures to start dieting and exercising…as i said…small changes depending on what you want to cut out and how your body adapts. Set goals to conquer…walking/hiking is easy exercise and fun. (my roommate is a health coach so i learned a lot of things to recommend from him)

Feel free to keep reaching out if you need anything. You are loved


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Thanks a lot for the support .:heart:

Almost 24 hours have passed since this post, I have felt at peace, I have stopped thinking about everything that was hurting me. I think it’s something I should be proud of.

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