Cannot get counseling/feeling depressed & suicidal

I found a counselor who accepts my insurance and took the time to fill out paperwork with my insurance info, previous medical history, etc. She tells me today that since I haven’t met my deductible, I’d have to pay the full price of a session until I meet it before anything is covered. I cannot afford to pay the full price so I canceled. I wish she would’ve told me this before I took the time to fill out all the paperwork.
I found another counselor before on psychologytoday and she doesn’t accept my insurance either. I was looking again today and saw a counselor under the insurance I have through the state but once I went on her website, there it said she only takes direct pay. I’m so frustrated with trying to find a counselor and getting wrong information.
Idk where else to go for counseling. A few months ago, I started seeing a counselor at an agency that did accept the state health insurance but at that time, I was working 2 jobs and our schedules didn’t allow for me to see her. They gave me 3 months to try to get my schedule arranged to where I could come in but I couldn’t so now if I wanted to start counseling, I’d have to start back from the waitlist which takes a couple months.
I tried calling my state health insurance for referrals about 8 months ago. Some of the places they gave me did not accept my type of plan. I don’t know who to trust anymore with the info I’m being given. I don’t want to keep contacting counselors who end up not accepting my insurance or something else.
I am in need of someone to talk to. I recently lost my mom and am dealing with many other difficulties. I am trying to save up as much $ as I can because I don’t get any help and I want to finish college.


I understand your despair and feelings of getting jerked around. I found a good Christian therapist with openings and accepting my insurance. She’s completely on overload with her clients now and tells me with great sadness that she has to turn away between 75-100 potential clients A MONTH!!

Here in California there are county mental health options for just about any insurance but frankly I didn’t get much real help when I was going there.

Have you tried therapists outside your area that offer zoom sessions? I’ve had excellent results with my present therapist on zoom during the height of Covid.

Please keep knocking down doors!! Your college experience will be hugely better is you can get the help you need

I’m praying something opens up for you!!

Hi my friend,
thank you for reaching out wo us. thank you for staying strong.
i can imagine how hard that is for you, i am sorry to hear about the loss of your mother, my thoughts are with you and
your family. i am not sure, if you did this already but take a look at our crisis resoucres, ther might be a help for you.

they are offering immediate help, this might be something to consider, to at least have help right now.
also is there a community where you can go in your area ? self help group maybe ?
a voice and hearing others, can be a huge help in times of need. i am sure, that this might help you.
i hope only the best for you. you are incredibly strong, you have heart.
we always have a place you can be, anytime for you. you are loved and you matter most my friend.
small steps matter most. it sounds like there is so much in your life at this moment, have you tried to write all of that
down ? just for you. build yourself an own “safe place”, from my experiences that helped me.
feel hugged :purple_heart:

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From: The Blind Ash

My dearest friend, I feel you on so many levels about finding an therapist/counselor that takes your specific insurance. I to am on my states insurance. I had so many struggles finding one that would take it and not have long waitlists. I have found sometimes you have to go to the websites of your actually insurance and search with them. I know I use the specific type and name of my insurance so mine is called Mercy care complete care and I had to search deeply and hard on their own pages to find someone. I also got advice from others in my area on good therapists that take that insurance. I am sure that if you try to find groups on facebook for you local area that there will likely be someone with the same insurance that could help. I have dealt with these frustrations but I want to tell you dont give up. Holding on to finding one will be totally worth it. I hope to hear soon that you have found one.

Hi @Bobohobo ,

I totally get how you feel. I have went through three psychiatrists, I have to find another therapist, and I had several of the psychiatry appointments be canceled-- all of that in the past year. I understand being frustrated.

I know some churches help with counseling. Some even have counseling services on site itself. With trying to find someone to talk to on a bad day right away while you’re waiting to find a counselor, I would suggest contacting a crisis line. While they do primarily deal with crisis situations, someone is always there to talk to you and help provide resources and ways to help with coping mechanisms.

I’m hoping this helps, and I’m rooting for you. I’m hoping you’ve also been able to save money back like you’ve been trying to.

Keep us updated, and let me know if there’s any ways I can help you. Take care, hun.

I am so sorry that is unbelievably frustrating and it shouldn’t be that hard to get help, especially since you are putting in the work to find someone. Have you been able to research any online counseling places that would be able to meet with you on a work break via FaceTime or phone? I know it feels impossible to find someone and somewhere that takes your insurance but don’t give up.

I’m also so sorry about your loss. I know that can’t be easy but I commend you for trying to get help to process everything.

We love you at HeartSupport! Please keep reaching out to us, we are here to listen friend.

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