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Cant do this anymore

Cutting has allowed me to feel strong and I just hate my body. I just want to die. I’m tired of living amongst the fake and faceless. I just want to die. I have no reason to live

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I totally feel that I feel pathetic and useless an ugly I do not like a single think about myself I’m sorry that you feel that way too I know how much it hurts to feel that way about yourself
You’re right cut it does make me feel better it sucks that it’s not acceptable to others though I understand why

You’re loved @Megadave020. Sincerely. And I will keep sharing this reminder with you as long as your heart needs it.

I am so sorry you’re strugggling, hurting. I’ve been hating my body for a long time too. Mostly because of what some people did to me. It’s crippling, when you feel stuck in yourself and just want to run away. I wish I could drag your pain away instantly, so you could enjoy your life as you deserve. But at least, I can still be here and sit with you. You’re not alone in this dark corner. You are seen and you are cared for.

Your very first reason to live is yourself, friend. There’s no one like you on this weird planet. Others don’t really matter right now. The only one who matters here is you.

Hang in there. Keep reaching out.
Every step you make for your mental health is worth it. It’s never wasted. :hrtlegolove: