Can't find motivation

I’ve been struggling to find the motivation to draw and create stuff here recently and it’s driving me crazy because I constantly feel like I should be drawing and working on something.

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Hi @lonelyfreak,

I can relate to you post. There could be hobbies that I should do now but I lack motivation. Sometimes I got force myself. Motivation seems like a habit to me. People can relate to your post. What are things that you draw it seems interested to me? Art always so fun to look at.

Well I draw a lot of anime type stuff, I really want to make my own comic/manga.

That’s kind of cool. I like anime too !

Yeah! I managed to come up with an idea for a 50 to 60 to page one shot.

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Hi @lonelyfreak!

How are you doing in drawing?

I don’t know I usually feel like everything I make is garbage

It’s a really unpleasant feeling. But you’re great for continuing to create. I think what you’re doing might interest someone. Do you share your drawings with anyone?

Yeah I have a few places.