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Can't get ahold of my depression


I’m ruining my relationships with my close friends and girlfriend due to my depression making me so irritable and selfish by hurting others because I end up lying and using some kind of unhealthy coping. I’m also ruining my reputation at work due to me always calling out because I feel too guilty about my decisions and do not have the energy to get up and put on the work face.A lot has been put on my shoulders to make sure my girlfriend and I get to a better environment due to our very negative housing situation and stresses from pressure at work and i’m unsure how to handle it without breaking once again like I always do. I do not want to do that because I’m on my last string with about everything in my life and I can’t afford to lose that all. I want to keep going forward instead of behind.


Thanks for sharing I’m sorry to hear all of this is going on, it definitely sucks when it feels like stuff is piling on ya. I can’t speak to how you feel with stuff right now but that base emotion that mention is something I can relate to and falling into unhealthy coping mechanisms. I think the fact you recognize that is huge and provides a starting point. I don’t know if this would be helpful but sometimes I try to break the day into smaller segments so I can look at smaller victories of the day compared to feeling lost by one seems like a negative day overall. Exercise also is a tool I use to combat depression and trying to break unhealthy cycles. I still fall into the cycles but I try to make marginal improvement vs the “tomorrow everything will be better” mentality.


I’m so sorry you are having a hard time, friend. Depression and mental health can be such a challenge in our relationships and day to day lives. I know for me for a long while I became so irritable and frustrated with stress, myself and everything going on that I struggled having control over my emotions. I also for a long time didn’t know that I was bipolar and autistic which explained why I struggled so much. I wasn’t being treated.

Finding a therapist and a psychiatrist really helped me know how to better face and handle all of the emotions, stress and diagnoses that I was facing. It helped me better know how to confront those things and resolve them. It takes a lot of time. Medication and therapy doesn’t always work alone. It’s good that you recognize where you are struggling. Awareness is a HUGE step in recovery. The next step is trying to work on the steps that make us a better version of ourselves and allowing our therapists and our medications be an aid and guidance in that process.

Filtering out unhealthy friends and relationships also makes the process a heck of a lot easier where you can. And makes a huge impact on our sanity. So give that some thought too. :heart:

I hope you are able to find some peace and resolve my friend. You are not alone. We are here to listen and offer as much support as we can along the way. Your are important, you matter and your feelings are valid.

One day at a time my friend. Okay?



Hey Jo

This is something that hits me so hard - i use to feel a lot of the same ways and feel absolutely trapped by what was happening in my head.

Here is what I did that helped me immensely.

Youre not alone.


Thank you. Today has been a really rough day and this helped immensely! I appreciate it


Thank you! Today was rough! needed this!


This is the best advice I’ve received and I really appreciate it. I also deal with bipolar and have been for years and tried so many little Knick knacks thinking it would solve it but of course it didn’t only a temporary fix. Thank you for taking the time for help me. Also she does work but she pays for other things and she did help all she could. I always had the feeling I had to take on everything even though she told me we’re working on this together. If you have any other methods of coping for bipolar please let me know I want to be able to come out of this and fix everything with the relationship since we’re on a break now and also losing my job will give me a lot of free time and I don’t want that being negative space.