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Can't stop comparing myself to others

So I started in a new career field that I am very passionate about and just recently someone else started and they are progressing faster than I am and out preforming me. I can’t help but just constantly compare myself to him. It’s an environment where we can both thrive, but seeing him do so much better than me makes me want to give up and quit. I feel like that’s irrational, but when I obsess over how much better he is, my performance suffers. And if I quit, I’ll be giving up on a dream of mine. Just not sure what to do. Any input would be greatly appreciated


First of all, he is not better than you. Everyone has different ideas and everyone interprets success differently. Focus on you, your vision and ideas, make that come to life. No one knows what you know, or see, which is pretty awesome. It is hard to not compare, its nature, so dont kick yourself for it. Tap into your confidence, do what you do. You got this.


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I know the feeling, sometimes I compare with others and the only thing I get is me to suffer.

You have to know that no one is perfect and we all have things that we arent our best or we find people that are better than us. But that is life and isnt a bad thing. So even if you have someone that is better than you in something, dont panic, I am sure that you are better than him doing other things. But if you are going after your dream, dont give up please💪

Take care :heart:


Hey, I’ve been there. I think a lot of us can struggle with comparing ourselves. But it’s important that you remember that you are still a person of value and just because someone may be moving at a faster pace, doesn’t make you less than.

You are enough. What you do matters. Your efforts matter. And how you feel is valid.

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From: ladytapioca

Hey Friend. I really understand that comparing yourself to others is a hard habit to break, but it’s a game you can never win. You can take time and look at what your Co-worker does and learn from it. You could go to them and ask him for some tips, see if there is a way they’re working you can add into your style of work. You said you are in a environment that will allow you to thrive see if you can your co-worker can learn from each other. Grow together. Hold fast friend <3


From: doc_bizzle

Expressing appreciation and respect for someone else’s success or abilities can help quell the negative burn of what could be a healthy type of envy. Try to choose to be inspired by them, instead of threatened by them. Chances are, there’s something about you that inspires them as well.


Hey there @ChasingHope. I feel that. As an artist I have those moments of comparison and yes that stuff will haunt and drag you down. I know if seems like you can’t help, sometimes our minds just run on autopilot but I can tell you there are things you can do to diffuse that train of thought. As humans we have a built in system of comparison, to judge our actions, to test if we on the right track, etc. But these systems often just turn to self-berating. You are your own unique person. And THAT makes you special not how well you do at this course work. You are so blessed to have a field that is satisfying and drives you forward. Focus on that. There will ALWAYS be someone better than you. When you find your thoughts moving back to that negative comparison, push back on it with a thought like ‘I’m so glad they are gifted and enjoy this field.’ ‘I will find my own way and it will so satisfying.’ Yea, it’s an effort. But that effort will make a difference. Eventually the healthier thoughts will come more automatically and the negative comparison noise won’t be as compelling to hear.


Hey @ChasingHope , we discussed your topic on the HeartSupport Twitch stream today! Here’s the live video response.

Hold Fast


I missed the stream so thank you so much for clipping it! Thank you SO much for the help everyone, it means more than you all know!