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Can't wait to move out one day

The one thing motivating to move forward in life is that possibility of full self expression. I’m kinda like the black sheep of the family, literally.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE dark themes. Goth and horror all the way. And if I have the chance to decorate something in eyeballs, i will do it lol

I don’t really think its possible to do or dress the way i want mostly because I live in a Christian community. I’ve found it’s not really a religion I want to practice but I respect my family and their beliefs. I always join them in prayer when we have family get togethers.

The only people I know aren’t Christians are my dad and my brother. So my dad usually supports me when it comes to this stuff.

I think I remember in my sophomore year. I bought gothic clothes online and put them together to make an outfit. I was so happy, but I only got to wear it out twice before my mother decided that it was too much lol. My dad could only do so much to back me up.

I do most of my self expression online, where I can make digital art collages, listen to music, etc. And I have like a little horror themed wall collage at my desk in my room. My mom just kinda accepts it because at least its my room and people don’t go in there. I wanted to add more photos but the printer is currently broken, rip

But I long for the day I get to strut down the sidewalk in demonia boots, with a set of clothes that I actually like. I look forward to a living in a space filled with things I love and enjoy.


Probs irrelevant but my profile picture is from a horror movie I used to love

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Something amazing with finally living on your own and being independant is that you can, indeed, make your home and your body the true reflection of who you are and what you love. Although it sucks that your parents don’t fully understand or agree with your own tastes, it sounds that you all manage to cohabitate with your differences and give a little bit of room for what matters in the heart of everyone. Some steps are probably next level! I remember my mom being very critical towards people having tattoos. Now at 28, trying to heal from a skin condition, I can’t wait to have the possibility to get as many tattoos as I want. 8) There is indeed something special in knowing that we can do something without having to deal with criticism.

I’m glad you still have ways to express your creativity and what you like! That is so precious. I would love seeing your collage, if you ever feel comfortable with sharing here (and as long as it is safe for others in terms of graphics). I bet you’d have a lot to say and explain about it! And the best conversations happen when someone is passionate about what they share. :blush:

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