Certain songs trigger bad memories?

Found an artist/producer that I used to listen to. I remember listening to them when I was going through a lot. And i started to feel sick really sick. And it felt like time was going backwards. And I start to feel all the things I felt in the past. I really just wanted to enjoy some music. Some songs were okay while others triggered a sick or icky feeling.

I hate that I have to feel like that. My brain often connects songs to events in life so when I hear it, I remember things. Sometimes things I don’t want to remember cause it’s painful.


Funny thing is, those feelings exhausted me to the point where I became sleepy when I felt wide awake. No need for sleep supplements now lol


The sleepiness is the mind’s way of filtering out unwanted stimulus. It happens to me too.

Yes, songs usually connect to memories, and can attach themselves to triggering ones. Painful memories usually shift from painful to just history, but it takes time. I recently heard something connected to my divorce, which was debilitatingly painful. I still felt a bit of the pain, but at the same time I was grateful that I was no longer in that situation. Considering where I was then compared to now, led to feeling pretty good.

I hope it works out that way for you too.


Oh yes, songs can absolutely be attached to specific memories, emotions, and make us feel like being back in the past when we listen to them. There are songs I can’t listen to anymore because they would bring me back to an emotional state that I’d rather avoid.

It’s a bit frustrating when you really enjoy the song for what it is, but it’s also a good thing to be aware of, as you can choose to not listen to songs that could make you feel down again. Sometimes it’s just better to let what is attached to a chapter of our story where it belongs - in the past. It can also be a good indicator, in the long run, of seeing if whether a wound has been closed or not.

In any case, being aware of how it affects you is really something that can serve you in your own journey and healing. :hrtlegolove:


Ooh this is something I can totally relate to. I get strong nostalgic feelings associated with music. Even my favorite band takes me back to a really sad time in my life… which sucks because I love their music!

The good news is, you can choose to listen to these songs if you really enjoy them and want to enjoy them again. Or if the nostalgia or sick feeling is too much (which I completely understand), then you can avoid listening to them for as long as you desire. With the songs I like, I avoided listening to them until I could listen to them again, sort of like “making peace” with the song and beginning to really feel that the song can be separate from awful times, memories, and feelings. Sort of like rewriting what it means for me. And with songs that I’m not too fond of, I just skip them or not include them in my playlists. I found that listening to a completely different and unexpected genre helps me to feel “safe” from those feelings too, maybe this is something you can try!


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