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I’m beyond depressed. I am tired of Being locked up by our government. They are my life and millions others. I can’t do anything I love so I have turned to marijuana to give me happiness.

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Gosh, it can feel so brutal to have so much of your life out of your control…to feel like everything that defines you, everything that excites you, everything that you enjoy…all of that put out of your reach by things that are outside your control…and to have to face this massive void in your life – it’s like, what else am I supposed to do, how do I even turn this into something positive? It is so easy to focus on and live in that place of defeat, of negativity, of hopelessness, of bitterness…

Honestly I’ve been struggling a lot living in that same place myself. I have been feeling negative and like when I get in that place, I can’t get out until my circumstances change…if I’m honest, I really want someone to help me out…my sweet wife is always so kind, and I feel like I bulldoze over her kindness sometimes when I am in that place…where I just want to exhaust my anger on someone else when life isn’t going my way. Often times when it’s not one someone else, I’m exhausting it on myself. I feel like what I want is to be comforted, to have someone help me out of this pit that I dug myself into, or fell into, but when I don’t get that, I feel like I implode…I struggle.

If anything, friend, you are not alone. And when we share, when we bring our struggles into the light, and when we are seen, often that takes the power out of the very thing we’re holding onto, and we can walk into freedom. I hope knowing today that you’re not the only one moves you in that direction of freedom.

Hold Fast.


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