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Just today i was with my sis playing pokemon Go and i was urging her to go to a place she thought would make someone in the neighborhood feel uncomfortable. I kept pushing it for a little bit. Nothing happened but it just made me think about how I’ve only thought about myself lately and I’m sort of oblivious to the dangers of the world and such and made me kind of hate myself for not thinking that we could look suspicious as a car pulling into a random area. It also just makes me think abour how the way I push people sometimes just could make them feel uncomfortable or scared. By just sharing too much of myself or being too personal or just being too blunt and forward. It also just makes me sad that we all have to be so careful so we don’t get hurt physically or emotionally. I don’t know I’ve just had this gripping fear come over me and I wish that I can be someone relaxing to be around and not scary. How can I like myself more?

Thank you so much for sharing this here! It can be so terrifying and eye opening to realize painful things about yourself. I think the fact that you are thinking about this means that you are growing and you are already probably more selfless than you think. I agree it’s so terrifying that we have to be so careful, because so many things could hurt us. Iused to feel a lot of anxiety about that as well, so I totally get where you are coming from.

Something that helps me is to try to do something good for someone everyday. This helps remind me that not only does good and safety exists, but I can create it.

When fear starts to overwhelm me, I also try to focus on one thing like a song I love or my breathing! I hope this helps! Sending love!

The choices our friends make are sometimes the scary ones. I am glad both of you are safe and I hope that you continue to make these smart decisions throughout the rest of your beautiful life. Share your story if you’d like, it spreads awareness and creates a safer environment. This goes for all genders. I hope you find :peace_symbol: and stay true with yourself and your friends and family :v:

Thank you so much for sharing this and opening up, I responded to you on stream <3

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