Charleemanderz Fan #8

Everything I try to do is just a giant fucking failure. I have zero talents, I’m awful at making and keeping friends, and I just never feel human enough; it’s like everyone else has something that I lack, I feel like I have a super low intelligence. I’m just subhuman trash and it’s making me really sad.

I’m sorry your going through this and feeling these emotions. I know I have moments where I feel those things especially when I play the comparison game with other peoples lives. I will say for me talking to a therapist has been helpful in understanding these emotions and where they come from. It was helpful for me too in the way that it helped me see the value in myself, maybe something like this could be helpful?

From: kayla1508

I’m sorry that you’re feeling like this - but you’re not trash friend. I think part of you knows that because you opened up to us. I’ve never been the best at making friends, and my whole life I had so called friends of mine walk out and leave. I’ve made some awesome friends here in HS, and even now if they don’t reply to me for a day, I have that fear they’re going to leave, even though they’ve done nothing to make me believe that… We don’t leave. Let us be your friends <3

From: legendofamaya

We hear you. We love you. Thank you for opening up and sharing with us. Hold Fast. We believe in you.

From: echoewings

I am so thankful you posted, and so sorry you feel so terrible. It is so hard to feel so worthless, but these are lies your brain is telling you. You have value, plan and simple, and just coming out and talking about it is a beautiful thing you have done. Comparing yourself to others can make all these feelings so much worse, and I know it is hard to ignore all those things. Please hang tight, you are seen and loved. We hear you, and want you to know you are worth it.

From: tromboness

I don’t know anything about you, but I do know that you do have talents. They may not be things with tangible results, but the things that make you YOU are invaluable. Making friends can be difficult, but you will find your people out there. Do the things that give you joy, and allow others to join you in that enjoyment.

From: creeve12

it hard when you compare your self to other you can often feel like you are not good enough but just know that you don’t have to compare your self to other to have veiled

From: grandmawinde

Sounds like you’re looking so badly at yourself. That must be very hard to deal with on a daily basis. I feel like a little exercice in finding positives could help you feel a little better about yourself. You are not a failure. The reaon that you reach out for help, is a reason enough that you are not a subhuman. Did you manage to get out of bed? Give yourself a little pat on the shoulder. Did you shower? Give yourself a little pat on the shoulder

From: aud10f1l3

I feel this because i have compared mysefl this way so many times and it has wrecked me mentally. But trying to work on myself has helped with by trying to focus on some things I have done well even if just a little. Ive made some great friends here on twitch, ive met friends in work who stuck around when i thought they wouldnt. There is still good stuff, just you need to remind yourself or have someone remind you of this

From: mythrilbiata

I value collecting information and knowledge. And my education was stunted when I was a child, so I relate. I hope you find comfort in knowing that you ARE intelligent in your way, not by the path of others. And we all fail. It really builds character to share it though. <3

From: ladytapioca

Hey Friend, I understand this feeling. I wasn’t a good enough human, smart enough, talented enough, friendly enough. You can’t be what a person “should” be and it took me a while to learn to be okay with my level of “peopleing”. Think of it this way, Flowers are beautiful no matter how colorful or how big they are. Everyone loves all flowers even if they are deemed “ugly” you need to find a place where you can bloom and thrive as a person. Take time to give yourself love and grace.

Hey friend. The guys covered your topic on the Twitch stream today. Here’s the live video response. Hold Fast <3