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Cheerleader in need

Hey Dylan I understand where you’re coming from. But I think there is a key difference between toxic behavior and abusive behavior. Mainly that the former is vastly out of character and fades on its own after a stressor goes away. While the latter is a reoccurring pattern that is consistent within the person. And getting away from toxic behavior works. But with abuse… They isolate you, take away your support structures and get into your head. To use an analogy I helped another person on this forum “abuse is like poison in your food. Where you swallow a little of it every day until it builds up and kills you from the inside.”

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I appreciate everything you’ve done to help people out on this forum I really do. I’m sure she has a nice family and sometimes like I said before families have fallout’s and kids are not used to that and I feel like she has a nice family with nice discipline. I think the father is just stressed out from work and is taking it out on his kids. That happens a lot in families unfortunately and the father doesn’t know how his kids feel until they notify him. We really don’t know her family i’m sure they are great but I think she needs to talk to someone about it and maybe get a break from them.

Thanks I’ll take everything into consideration before I take any action

I think you might wanna have a look at this:

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