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Chocolate Chip Pancakes

So I woke up today so high spirited despite the craziness. I had my third date with this guy last night, and he’s that person that I was hoping to find. He’s a gentlemen. He listens and I listen to him. We cooked together, watched MMA and movies and just did so much together. It was very nice not to have drama.

Well two nights before my date, I called my sister, checked in on her, and asked her to trim my hair. She said if I wanted my hair trimmed I had to come to her house because she wouldn’t be able to do it on Friday. She said she had cleaning jobs to do. Unfortunately, I worked until 7:30pm and my children were cranky and ready for bed. I forgot to call her back to tell her I was not coming that night and Friday I figured she was working so I spent my day cleaning and my best friend came over and trimmed it for me.

My sister called me back last night (my date was still with me and heard it all) drunk as usual and the conversation went as follows:

Me: Hi, darling. How are you?
Sister: I’m terrible but no one gives a fuck.
Me: I give a fuck. What’s going on?
Sister: So what happened? You didn’t call me back. (read with an attitude like tone)
Me: Honestly I forgot. I went and got the kids and they were cranky and tired so I came home and put them to bed. (Hears my brother in law in background) hi, bro bro. (no response)
Sister: Hmm… (She fusses at him for wanting his own cigarette and not sharing hers with him)
Me: I still want to get together with you, my niece and nephews some time. Let you drive my car around for practice.
Sister: Hm, I guess. Well I just wanted to see why you didn’t call me.
Me: Like I said, love. I forgot and was busy.
Sister: Whatever, just wanted to know. Well, I’m gonna go.
Me: Ok, sissy I love you.
Sister: Yeah love you too (same attitude tone & hangs up)

I turned to my date and he sat my phone down for me. I said “And that’s my sister. She’s mad at me for not calling or going to her house for the hair cut.” He smirked which was a relief and I laughed. After he left the next morning. I woke with a smile on my face regardless of my sister’s attitude in the middle of my date. I was up before my children and excitable and made chocolate chip pancakes with whip cream, eggs, and sausage. I called my best friend to talk to her and tell it all to her. She was happy that I was happy. Everyone asked me how my date was including my ten year old, but my sister never called me back today. It’s okay though.

I shared with my best friend that I’m going to pull away from my sister for now because she spent all of 35 seconds not drinking and she’s back at it. I told my friend that it’s always about my sister and never anyone else. I said at least with my best friend we share our problems and we do not just overshadow one another. So I have my best friend and this guy and it’s great. I’m happy and can’t let anything take that away. I cannot help my sister if she does not want to be helped.


The morning after sounds so lovely, I love chocolate chip pancakes! And it’s always nice to have someone to confide in, your best friend sounds like a sweet person. All the best wishes for your lovely date and hoping for better days with your sister. Have a good rest of your day/night, friend. Your post made me smile :heart:


That sounds like such a good outlook! I’m so happy for you! Congrats on the date, congrats on being ready to back away from your sister, and may you cook many more pancakes going forward!