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I’ve been suicidal till I was ten years old life is a struggle but when my god is around I feel hope. And people like ya’ll help


You are a true warrior and there is so much resilience in your heart. I can only imagine how it’s been for you to struggle with these thoughts starting at such a young age and I hope that you never stop holding on to hope, on the people who love you, on all the things that make life beautiful and worth it, anytime you need to be reminded of it. You are never alone and you are loved so dearly. Thank you for sharing about this part of your life with strength and vulnerability. If you would like to share more or need friends to talk to, this community is always here to listen. :hrtlegolove:

It’s probably good to talk to strong people who have gone through stuff like I have. ( I was also diagnosed with a mental illness) I’m not glad about that either

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There’s definitely a lot of encouragement and inspiration to find in connecting with people who share similar experiences and can understand how you feel. Suicidal thoughts especially increase the urge to isolate and a strong way to counteract their power is to connect with people in safe environments. You will always find strength in the expression of your own vulnerability, and sharing your voice is also inspiring to others.

I’m sorry that this diagnosis has been difficult for you. I have myself several diagnosis that I find difficult to accept at times. Acceptance is, in itself, a process. It’s okay to talk about it, and it’s okay to give yourself as much grace and patience as you are learning to integrate this diagnosis as being part of your life. One fundamental thing to keep in mind though, is that you will never be defined by any mental health struggle. Diagnosis help us understand ourselves better so we can live our best life, but it doesn’t make us who we are. I am not my depression, my anxiety, my C-PTSD. I am me, and there’s a lot of complexity there to embrace just as it is. So do you. :hrtlegolove:

I was myself diagnosed schizophrenia or schizophrenia affective I’m not sure what they think anymore. They also said bipolar…i Lino’s I hear things and see things so I consider it a spiritual gift. The only reason I’ve felt suicidal is pain of the spirit or ape paths because the pains of the world. But I’ve always kind of been alone in life and I hate it. Because I truly love people Gods children, I’ve always thought of myself of myself of needing a tribe. But I feel like there is one out there that doesn’t even know about me. My lifestyle of now is a starving artist and kind of a unheard of theologeon,

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I’m so glad that you find comfort and healing in your spirituality and faith. What is meaningful to you can help feeling whole and finding purpose in your life. Although I hear you about this world and how much the pain all around can be overwhelming. You surely have a gift of empathy and sensitivity, which can be difficult to process in a world like ours, but also such a blessing as this world needs more delicacy and kindness.

You are sharing about yourself here and it’s truly an honor to get to know you better. I hope it helps a little bit to reduce this feeling of isolation. Feeling like you don’t belong can be such a painful experience. Know that you will always do right here in this community. You are loved just as you are. :hrtlegolove:

Hey friend. It’s been a little while since we communicated, but wanted to just send thoughts your way. I hope you are doing okay and that life treats you fairly. If you need a reminder today, know that you matter very much. <3