Christmas break please help

i’m at school currently I found one of my old self harm razors in my school bag it’s so hard not to use I wanna use it to take away the pain I’m emotional has fuck This is going be my first Christmas not going home during Thanksgiving I saw my abusive father for the first time in a long time I threat to kill myself and i had the cops called on me because of this i’m scared to go home i’m scared im going see so im staying on campas where i feel safe then I found out during winter break which is 3 week long my best friend is going to court and there a change he going jail ;( because his gang past

Hey @Jaceofspade. Please don’t use it, it is not going to make things better. I know it might cause a relief but it would not make things better. If you feel safer to stay on campus then stay where you feel safe. I’m sorry about your friend and what he is going through. Maybe between now and the court date you could talk to him. If you are still on campus is there a way you could talk to a school counselor? I know sometimes they are around during breaks. Please don’t use the razor, it will get better. Keep staying strong and keep hanging in there.

Throw away the razor. I suggest buying a punching bag. (a speed bag is cheaper than a heavy) Everytime you feel like cutting grab the gloves & punch the bag. Maybe it would help.

Hoping the best for you. (I’m not joining my family for Christmas as well. Yet for different reasons.)