Close to relapsing

It’s really rough and to be honest I don’t know why it happening now (well I do I suppose) but I’m getting the urges to harm myself again. Haven’t had urges to cut in about a year and am prone to hitting myself recently. The sensation of wanting to cut seems quite powerful at the moment


Hey @Sweep_19,

Hang in there. I know it’s hard. It requires a lot of energy to resist. I believe in you and am proud of you for being so strong.

You certainly already managed to resist against that kind of urge before. What helped you at the moment? What could help you right now?

Take some deep breaths. It’s a matter of time for this urge to disappear.
You’re gonna be okay. You got this. :heart:

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Hang in there friend. I’m sorry to hear you are going through a rough time. You’re doing a good thing by posting about your urges and not actually doing them. I too have been having those urges lately. Let’s resist them together? You can do this.

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Last spring I had a relapse after years of not self harming. I had a lot going on in the early part of last year and just let everything consume me. And you know, afterwards I realized how not worth it, it was. I mean, I am not worried about numbers or how long I’ve gone without it, but I know deep in my heart that self harming isn’t the way to resolve my feelings.

This community has been such a huge part in my healing process. There are a lot of good people here who also struggle with this. Have you joined the Heart Support discord? There is often a lot of people in the #realtalk channel that also struggle with this and I bet if you asked them how they handle those feelings, someone would respond. Maybe it would be worth doing that. Here’s the link:

Something else that maybe could help is the ReWrite book that heart support has. It’s an excellent book. I started this book and while I didn’t finish it, it still is an excellent resource for those struggling with the urge to self harm. I was able to over come my urges and have been clean of it for several months and feel confident that it wont be an issue. Do you think maybe this could be something that could help you? Right now I am currently going through Dwarf Planet which is Heart Supports book and guide through depression. It is also worth looking into. Another gal in the community and I have decided to help each other get through it and just connect once a week. Maybe you could try to do this. Just once a week read a chapter. Here’s a link to those and other resources that could be of help

Friend, I know that things can get tough and the urge to self harm can be strong, but it’s such an unhealthy coping mechanism for us. I know it doesn’t always feel like it, but it CAN get better. There are lots of meditation audio and calming music on youtube that could help relax your mind. And there are apps like HeadSpace and also something that may be really good for you is this:

I hope some of this can maybe help. Sending you love, friend

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