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Co worker wreck my area

My co worker wreck my area, literally my work area. Broke a fucking window, he is on camera. But I’m on camera too, I witness what happen. It put me into a really shitty situation. I ethier lie and lose my job. Or I rat my friend out. Like what the fuck!


I mean, if you’re on camera you should probably tell the truth.

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I agree with @Mystrose. It’s not about ratting someone out, if they have destroyed work property then that’s not okay. Plus if you lie and they watch the footage then why risk your position just to say you didn’t “rat them out”. I understand sometimes having each other’s backs when things go wrong, for example at work when someone accidentally misses logging something, you quickly log in and type it up for them so they don’t get in trouble for it. But when it comes to intentionally destroying property or potentially harming self or others, then they have to accept the consequences of their actions.

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Hey friend,

It must be pretty stressful to face this situation. As you can expect already, you will probably be asked what happened - and in that case it’s better for you to go tell the truth by yourself, without having to wait. Your friend is responsible of his actions. It’s understandable to want to protect him, but if he is not held accountable for what he’s done, then it’s not going to serve him either. It is important to make sure that he doesn’t make that mistake again and learn from what happened.

It’s not your fault. You are not a bad friend for having to tell the truth. :hrtlegolove:


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