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Having to withdraw from things from the local scene because of my cancer battle. I also have chronic illness I battle every day.

I’m so sorry to hear about your struggles with cancer. It’s not easy battling chronic disease everyday and it’s tough to stay social when you aren’t feeling well. But, I am here for you and you’re not alone. Stay strong… I believe in you!

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Gosh it can be so brutal to feel like you’ve got this deep desire to connect, this deep passion that is being stunted by something that’s outside of your control…I’m so sorry that you’re facing this brutal and terrifying illness. You have incredible courage to face what you’re facing, but it is such an ugly battle in the middle…it feels like there’s no hope, like things will never get better, like you’re slowly watching your life slip through your fingertips, and you don’t know what to do to try to grab a hold of the little pieces of joy that feel like they’re the only things keeping you afloat…and man, I can only imagine what it would be like to feel like your ability to engage life is slowly being taken from you…the desperation and frustration…I don’t have good advice because I’ve never been in that type of physical situation, but when I feel emotionally like my life is spiraling down the drain, I know that I have to start to narrow my focus…that I have to start to try to grab hold of things that steady me, that make me feel like life isn’t all going to slip out from under my feet and I’m going to be on my back, totally exposed and powerless…I start to focus on the things that I know are true – that the people I love love me, that I matter, that there’s a difference I can make…I start to grab hold of things that feel easy to grab hold of…right now, I can be present with my kids and get this one thing right…instead of spiraling about the past (which I can’t control) or about the hopelessness of the future (which I can’t control either), I try to reground in the things that I can control…mostly my attitude towards myself, my believing the truth instead of the lies, and my presence in the moment. I know that your situation is a lot harder than me spiraling about how worthless I am and how big of a failure I am, but I hope that maybe some of the things I experience in a similar affective state can help you anchor in the middle of yours too.

Either way, standing here with you in courage.

I am so sorry that the love that you have for music is being taken in a way from you because of this battle. I hope you can find this comment with comfort knowing I got your back and love you!

Hold Fast
Morgan Hochstetler
HS Intern

The Coco Club wanted to give you some encouragement and love!
Here is the video!

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