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On the 28th of september my sister went to the hospital for 3 days. They told her she had pancreatitis, fluid around the pancreas, fatty liver disease and cysts on her pancreas. Before they discharged her they told her one of the cysts is blocking part of the pancreas causing necrosis. They are going to address the necrosis, shove a camera down her throat and do a biopsy to check for cancer. Waiting/worrying about news has had me in a bad place mentally ever since she went to hospital. I tried talking to a few friend and they all basically to me not to overthink it and stay positive but my mind doesnt work that way. I keep assuming the worst and my mind has been to some dark places. Also when i do manage to forget about her for a short while and smile i feel guilty and then sadder then ever. Thanks for hearing me out coco -from Dakota aka chemical addiction

Hey Dakota, I’m sorry this is all going on and that your sister is experiencing all these health issues. It all sounds like a really difficult and scary time for everyone, but I feel inclined to agree with your friends. Not necessarily that you’re “overthinking” things, no one would blame you for worrying. I think you can take solace in trusting that she’s in good hands with medical professionals, and that your sister will know what has to come next. The best thing you can do is be there for her no matter what happens and love her like she needs to right now, and you can’t do that if you aren’t taking care of yourself as well.

Wishing your sister and your family all the health and happiness you guys deserve. Hold fast, friend.

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Thanks for the reply adam, wasn’t realy sure how this thing worked but it was nice just to get it off my chest. I try to be there for her but i’m not very good with words. I hope just listening is enough

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My sister-in-law has the same thing, my brother didn’t care he still chose to marry her even though she was worried she wouldn’t be around for him. I love my sister-in-law she chooses not to let this hold her back. Life is tough sometimes I’ve had my fair share however I look to those who love me and find strength in them. We don’t know each other however I will be here to let you know you are loved and not alone.

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Thank you for the reply Vahri, I hope your sister in-law is doing ok. i’m not in too bad of shape just really want to get some more news from the doctors. all the time without knowing cause me to worry. I’m trying to be there but shes pretty solitary like me so we are both just waiting. I appreciate the love and support <3

Hey Chemical,

Thanks for reaching out. Sometimes its hard to talk about things that are personal and near and dear to your heart, but I am SO proud of you for taking the time to share a piece of yourself with us.

I did take the time to give some advice myself, I hope it helps.

Sending love,


thank you very much, I was at work when coco covered it but I watched the VOD and it helped. she had good advice and chat was supportive. just watched thisand I appreciate the support from your community as well <3 I’ve been so depressed lately I sometimes forget that i’m not the only one struggling so I took some time this afternoon to ask some of my friends how they are doing. like really doing. I need to do this as well. you asked if I suffer from anxiety, and not so much. mostly depression. I have a bunch of work to make up because there were days when I couldn’t force myself to go to work. I’m working on my own mental health like recommended but the worry/stress is still in the back of my mind. its a work in progress
Edit: also the reason I signed the first post was because I didn’t realize it was going on a forum, for what ever reason I though coco was giving out her cell to a bunch of strangers and had an app for the automated replys. now that the cats out of the bag it doesn’t matter so much though so I don care if its edited out or not

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I know you already watched the VOD, but here is the clip of the Coco Club giving you love!

You’re not alone!