College has been painful and lonely

A lot of people I’ve put my faith, trust, and love into the past four years (college basically) have hurt me. They end up being mean to me, using me, or simply not caring about me until I start to distance myself from them. Then they act surprised and nearly always apologize for their behavior later on. The girls from my dorm bullied me and outcasted me from the group until eventually I stopped talking to them. Unlike them I had to work and they chastised me for not helping them get free things. They used me for my car and when I asked for gas money or something small bc I had gone to pick them up from a party late at night they got mad (I was really low on gas but wanted to help). A year later I got a message from one of the girls apologizing and saying that it wasn’t my fault and that there was nothing I couldve done to change how they treated me bc one of the other girls simply didn’t like me. This seems to be a trend, especially with the last group of people who hurt me. My ex group of friends made plans on my bday and when I told them I wouldn’t have plans then they didn’t invite me, saying that it was just two of the girls and their bfs. But I saw on my snap that it was so many people I knew at a party. Then they kept changing what weekend they would finally have a movie night with me to celebrate. When I suddenly blocked all of them they asked why (forgot one girl on an app) and I told them that being their friend wasn’t good for me. She apologized and said she didn’t think how what they did would affect me. This was already after me saying I didn’t feel like their friend a few months before. It feels like I constantly have to remind people in my life to remember me and my feelings (as selfish as it sounds). The only people who I still feel close to are hours away so I can’t see them often. I’m holding on but the loneliness keeps getting worse. And it’s hard to open up to anyone anymore because I’m certain they will hurt me in the end.


I’m been there, I had people used me too and then when I try I keep my distance, they come cry and I’m so sorry all that nonsense. It suck when you have to go thought that crap.

No matter what, it important to take care of yourself. It important to take care of other people too, but don’t let people used you. You are a great person and you don’t need people that just bring you down. Your are good caring person and no matter what don’t lose yourself respect. Stay strong my friend.


It’s been a while since ive been on here but I was really feeling down today and reading your response helped a little bit :slight_smile:


@DanyHonu That sucks :frowning: It’s awesome that you stood up for yourself and started to distance yourself from people who were hurting you and using you. It’s not something very easy to do but you did it like a champ. I’m sorry to hear that the aftermath of that is that you’re felling lonely now. With everything going on in current events it’s hard to find new friends to connect with and you’re still healing from the hurt of the past painful friendships. Not everyone is like your college friends, I promise. Stay strong and you will find opportunities to make baby steps in trusting others again. Take those opportunities!

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