College sucks a lot

Right now I just need encouragement.

I’m struggling- once again- with college. If I just work harder I can do it. I can make it.

I can’t take failing out of another semester.


Hey Lyss!

I feel that so much. College is no easy task! BUT YOU CAN DO IT!! You are so smart and more than capable! Know that I am thinking of you and rooting for you! YOU GOT THIS LYSS.

Hannah Rhodes


Hi, friend!

Be gentle with yourself. Take small breaks between studying and working to maybe meditate for 5-20 minutes. Listen to some calm and relaxing music. Get up and stretch a little. Make sure you are caring for you, your mind and your body so it can stay refreshed. I know when you study for so long your brain just becomes jammed and it’s harder to absorb information. So it’s good to take small breaks. Take in some fresh air, refresh your coffee or water cup. Whatever. Just move a little. Doesn’t have to be long.

Sorry that you are struggling right now. I hope that it becomes easier for you and you are able to find a rythym to keep you going and focused in a healthy way.

Take it easy, friend. Much love :heart:



Have you look for a tutor or ask other classmates to help you?

I have looked into it.

Honestly I am too far behind for myself- if I work really really hard I’m sure I can make it but right now I don’t see me doing what I need to do to pass.

I’m talking to my advisor soon. I am hoping to drop these classes- pick up 8 week classes, and change my degree.

I wish I would have just went with a basic degree to begin with but I didn’t. I thought this new defree was the right one for me but I still have no clue where I’m going.

I just hope this all will work out the way it needs to.

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First, thank you for letting us know. From personal experience (i failed out of my first semester and didn’t tell anyone until they took my scholarship away and all of a sudden my tuition bill spiked and my parents had questions.) Telling people your struggling is a hard step one. Now you can work to move forward. Does your school have a tutoring center? Have you been? Maybe go to office hours and ask your teachers for help. I have learned that letting these people know that your struggling gives you someone with all the information to have students like you be successful at your school or in their class.

Another word of advice. take care of you as well as your grades. Open your window while studying to get some sun. remember to eat 2 to 3 meals a day. Get some sleep. I can’t seem to get 8 hours ever but I found the 7 work well enough for me but I am not you. Go for a walk if you can. If not then walk to the sink to get some water every so often. self-care is important but be wary of it becoming an excuse. Remember that college is not forever, even though right now it feels like it.

I’m rooting for your success. I hope that you find the strength to overcome and thrive in the 2nd half of the semester. You are not alone.


Yo wassup Lyss

YOU CAN DO IT!! Just keep your head down in your books and away from any distractions. Don’t forget to get enough sleep, take breaks and drink lots of water. I am also taking a bit of strain from College at the moment (4 tests this week) but I know that hard work will pay off for both you and I.

DON"T GIVE UP!!! YOU GOT THIS!!! You are capable of more than you know