From sanorousx_: I have three weeks left of classes until finals, and I am so exhausted. I’m a nursing major and this is my last semester until my senior year - so I’ve been at it for some years now. I have an exam monday and I didn’t start studying until yesterday because I was sick all week, and out of my meds that help with my ADHD. Right now I’m just feeling unprepared but I’m trying my best to make the most out of today and tomorrow for studying. I hate feeling this way but I’ve been diagnosed w/ Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, OCD, and ADHD so my headspace is v much clouded at the moment.

Side note - A while back I had spoke with a few moderators about potentially becoming a mentor and helping others out in need, but I’ve been so busy with college. I never had the chance to follow up with someone about taking the next steps to becoming a part of a team, but I am still interested and would love to do what I can to help others who are in need. Thank you guys for offering a platform like this for those who need it - it’s really inspiring and I hope that everyone has been able to make the most out of this resource. Much love :black_heart:


Gosh I don’t blame you for feeling overwhelmed right now, I am not someone who enjoys or is good at studying so building up to and getting through exams was something that was hard.
I think it’s important to remember to be really patient and gentle with yourself.
It’s totally okay if you need to prioritise yourself right now.
It’s so wonderful you want to support others, but we all learn we have to support ourselves first.
I hope everything is feeling less stressful for you and you have a moment to breathe and regain some composure.
You got this!

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Hey sanorousx_ :wave:

Oof hitting the final stretch of your studies is such an exciting and stressful time. I hope that you aren’t going to burn yourself out studying especially since you feel like you procrastinated some. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep before each exam. That is so important. Remember to breath and relax some in the next few weeks. You’ll be amazing! Good luck on Monday and on the rest of you exams! I hope that after they are done you are able to take some time to fully relax and unwind your mind from stresses and clear out that headspace some.

You got this! :hrtlegolove:

The last steps are the most intense ones! You’re almost there, but it’s exhausting and stressful, which is completely understandable, especially as you’ve been dealing with being sick. Right now it may feel like you lost time or are falling behind, but what you express in your post here is that you are also trying and keeping up with studying - which is all that needs to be. There is no doubt that you are doing as you can in the midst of these circumstances.

When I was in college, the perspective of losing time to study for finals was so overwhelming - and the process itself of ingesting a good amount of “knowledge” just for this process was exhausting. I was dealing with depression, C-PTSD and eating disorders altogether at the time, so the feeling of having a clouded mind was constant. There are these times when you doubt yourself and wonder if you’re not pursuing a goal that you can’t reach… it’s a lot of stressors, anxiety and inner blockers on top of the typical stress that any student would feel.

You will get there and reach your goals, but in the meantime it’s okay to give yourself as much grace as possible, especially as there are many factors at play in your life. You are doing as you can, you are conscious about the things that are adding more obstacles on your way, and that is already huge! Through these upcoming weeks, please make sure to set breaks and self-care times - no matter what that looks like for you. Personally, when I feel overwhelmed by work, my breaks are essentially made of drawing or doing puzzles - just nice to let the thoughts wander and exist as they are, without any pressure.

On your side note: it’s okay if now is not the right time. The opportunities to help at HS are constant, and the last thing we’d want for you is to add more to your plate knowing that it wouldn’t be healthy. There’s a right time for everything, and when it will be appropriate for you, the door will be open. As simple as that!

You got this, friend. :heart: