Community Updates #2 (feedback needed!)

Hello everyone!

A new week has started and as per a (very new) tradition, here are some forum-related updates for you!

:gear: Content Topics (“Instagram-Content”, “Youtube-Content”…)

See previous community update for more context.

Acacia (HS developer) is currently working hard on analyzing what will be the best way for us to merge all content topics together on the forum - which will make it overall easier to navigate. At the moment, this is still a work in progress that will require some time and thinking.

This represents a major technical update that will facilitate the work of forum mods, so the stakes are high to anticipate potential bugs before getting into action!

:exclamation: Forum categories update: we need your opinion!

This quarter, we’re aiming to:

  1. Create more bridges between Heartsupport’s Forum and Discord server.
  2. Develop more friendly spaces for all of us to interact with one another.

To proceed, a revamp of forum categories in on the work, and we need YOUR feedback on the following proposition. Here’s what we’re aiming for in terms of future forum categories + sub-categories (click on picture to see it in full view):

All highlighted in yellow are new additions. Practically, one major change is going to be the COMMUNITY category. If you’ve been a long-term user, you know the forum has been solely focused on providing spaces to ask and receive SUPPORT. This will still be the case and remains as a primary use, but we’re going to also extend it to building community together aside of supporting each other.

To help us settle a roadmap in terms of which sub-categories we’d like to see on the Wall, please consider taking a minute to respond to this poll!

“PROGRESS” Category

Two additions to celebrate you more! Select options below to upvote these sub-categories.

  • ACHIEVEMENTS (share about something you’ve accomplished – big or small win, it all matters!)
  • GOAL WORKSHOP (share about personal goals and dreams you’d like to attain but are not sure about – let’s brainstorm together)
  • OTHER CATEGORY: Please share your suggestion in a reply to this topic!
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Brand new category! Select options below to upvote these sub-categories.

  • SELF-CARE (talk about anything pertaining to helping yourself, coping mechanisms and/or ask for advice!)
  • CREATIVITY (share about what you’ve created, ask for help about a specific practice, share resources – show your talents!)
  • RECOMMENDATIONS (share with everyone else about music, movies, books, etc. that you’ve enjoyed or are excited about!)
  • HOBBIES & INTERESTS (talk about pretty much anything you love and are passionate about
  • OTHER CATEGORY: Please share your suggestion in a reply to this topic!
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All added suggestions in the replies will be reviewed in the upcoming weeks. :face_with_monocle:

Thank you SO MUCH in advance for your feedback. May this week be a good one to you and every person you love! Hold Fast. We believe in YOU. :hrtlegolove:



I want to suggest a Music category under “Community” rather than Recommendations. While this is a bit more specific, I’ve seen many folks on the wall who want to specifically share a song or some kind of musical piece (whether they created it or found it) so I feel like a more specific category may be helpful so new members of the wall can quickly figure out where to post music-related suggestions.

Thanks for all you do, Micro! You’re amazing!


Can you call it something besides “achievement”? (Similar to how Kit put small wins.) Achievements seem kind of “big”.

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We added Music after you suggested it – just need to update the category descriptoins both on the Forum and Discord for these, but the channel is there! – thank you for your suggestion! Makes a lot of sense

That is a very good point @Listening2Day. “Achievements” can be a strong word and it’s easy to prevent ourselves to share our progress if wee think that it’s not “big/important enough”. Can definitely be intimidating.

Would you have any idea/suggestion in mind as a replacement?

I’m also taking note of your suggestion and will bring it up to my next meeting with Nate on Monday (just need to check first if I wouldn’t break everything by changing a name – normally no, but never too cautious, haha). Overall it’s an easy/quick thing to solve. Thank you! :heart:

I dunno





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I’m VERY late to the game, but the new forum looks BEAUTIFUL!! 10/10 to the engineers and whoever had a hand in building it :slight_smile:

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Happy you like it! It’s good to see you! :sunny:

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Almost always lurking! :wink:

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