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Improvement on the physical channel - how to? Since I do not exercise.


From フェネック (fenn): Here’s a good link with a lot of simple exercises you can do at home just by doing things like sitting down and standing up over and over and climbing stairs !

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Thanks so much for posting this here.

Feels like - yeah, I get it, my physical stuff needs improvement, but I don’t do the “one thing” people recommend. So feels like a catch-22, or like you’re just dead in the water on that subject.

Honestly, asking this question is a super cool place to be - being open to change, but not knowing what to do - that’s actually a great place to start.

A few things that get me thinking are…

What about flexibility? If working out isn’t a thing, could yoga or stretching be?

If working out isn’t a thing, is there some kind of hobby you enjoy that invites you to being physical? Something out of the box, even, like kayaking, or mountain climbing, or mountain biking, or hiking?

If these things aren’t appealing to you, are there ways you could increase the amount of CARE you give your body? Perhaps by going to a holistic wellness doctor to help you identify supplements to take to increase your health? Or improving the way you maintain your body’s hygiene? Or skin products, or baths, or new clothes, or something of the sort, where you take action to make you feel like you are giving attention and care to your body?

Perhaps these categories can get your mind thinking along new axes if working out is off the table.

Hope this helps!


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From Danie Winchester: The easiest and healthiest activity I tried and I’m really lazy and hate exercising…is walking at least 10 000 steps a day. Not kidding. It is absolutely amazing what it does for you mentally and physically speaking. If you can walk in nature, I absolutely recommend it, otherwise, put some audio book on and walk in town. If you can’t afford audible and stuff like that there’s free stuff on youtube and project gutenberg.

Hey there Faith, welcome in! Improvement on the physical channel could mean plenty of different things based on where you would come from. Exercising is definitely one way to take care of your body and your physical health, but you can also reconnect with your body in different ways that don’t necessarily require exercising or intense movement - eating habits, appointments with health practitioners, using positive body affirmations, learning to accept your body, sleep habits/bedtime routines, skin care, hair care, how often do you walk or not, stretching… As a start, I’d definitely encourage to ask yourself what do you need the most right now when it comes to making improvements on the physical side? Is it about being fit or losing weight? Is it about developing self-love and self-care towards your body? Or maybe developing healthier habits such as a better posture, standing up while you work every once in a while (if you’re working at a desk), or changing your sleep routine? Based on where you start and what are your needs right now, the journey can be very different, and does not need to lean towards exercising as a result. This test is meant to indicate a direction, then you can start thinking about it in relation to your current life context. You got this. Would love to hear about your thoughts and iif you’ve been identifying some potential goals for yourself! We’re here to help if you need support in putting words on it. :heart: