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Completely lost


So today my friend who had gotten fired from his job in January messaged me about helping him out. Normally I would but since I’m not working I don’t have the funds to do much. He then said ask your mom. In the past I’ve gotten burned by this one person multiple times but I’m used to being everyone’s punching bag and being taken advantage of. I’m just not sure what to do and the last time someone said no to him, he got mad and said “you can’t feel that way, your feelings are invalid to me”. He’s someone I’ve been friends with since like 7th grade and I don’t wanna lose a friendship over a slice of pizza and soda and not helping out. On top of all this I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure I happened to see a text on this girls phone who I’m talking to saying what are you wearing so I’m not sure if I’m
Being played or not. I just want her to be happy but I’m so used to being take. Advantage of that I’d be ok being used by her. I’m just at a crossroads with what to do. Life seems like one big cruel joke right now.


Hello @Bcrit, please don’t let people use you. Don’t let yourself be their punching bag. You are just as a human being as they are, and you deserve to live your own life without being burdened with others. You may want to help and you care, I get it. But bring a punching bag isn’t helping anyone. People have to learn how to take care of their problems on their own. You can certainly help and be there, but it’s like, ‘I’ll carry you, but you have to be able to pick yourself up.’ They’ll just keep coming back and using you. Find pride in yourself. You’re a strong, awesome person. Don’t let this punching bag stuff make its home into you.
I know you want to help your friend. But you’ll hurt yourself. Other people can find their ways, they’ll figure things out.
This person has been your friend for a long time. If you are actually a friend to him, someone he cares about and not someone he uses, then he wont end your friendship. If he does, well, what kind of a friend is that? He should sort himself out, because it’s not right to ask someone for something that makes things difficult even if it helps you. That’s selfish. He can’t just get mad everytime someone says no, sorry, wish I could but cant. Time doesn’t need to matter in friendships. What matters is the respect and trust in the friendship.
Life doesn’t have to feel like this cruel joke. It’s not okay to be taken advantage of. You’re just as human, you are no less, and you deserve happiness. Don’t doubt yourself, you’re an angel in disguise.
I know it may sound difficult and even frightening, but I would suggest you talk to this girl about this text you saw. If she has any respect for you, she will tell you. You deserve to know the truth. I know you want her to be happy, but what about your happiness? This is your life, you have to find it.
Talk to the girl. Don’t be afraid, you have the right to find out.
I wish you luck and hope.
Never give up! :slight_smile:


You deserve so much better than this. Don’t let anyone use you or mistreat you. No matter who they are.