Confused, about this

First time posting so here it goes. For the past couple weeks I’ve been getting these weird,I guess attacks. Where I’d be having a great day and then all of a sudden I have no hope to do anything. Not even eat, I literally sit and stare at the wall and cry. I’ve delt with suicide before but I’m not sure what this is. Lucky to have my gf but that’s not going to help these weird things I’ve been getting. My hope is that im not the only one

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Your not alone sir, wading through the nothingness is constant, for me when this happens its like everything crashes down around me despite having a good day,breaking the monotony. Communication is key… Confide in your girlfriend, like the saying goes, there’s strength in numbers, I’m sorry i hoped this helped in some way :’/

Do you feel anxious at all? It could also be a form of a panic attack. Do you meditate at all? It can help when it comes to stuff like this. Hold strong friend, you will make it through this no matter what it takes.

Your definitely not alone bud I go through similar things where I shut the world out and want nothing to do with anything. I find that putting the headphones in listening to music or just walking the dog or writing in a journal helps. My fiancé has been very understanding and is able to help glad to see your gf is willing to help. Remember your never alone

Music seems to be a great medicine

I actually meditated the other day but still got an attack. I mean the meditation was good tbh

It’s so hard to communicate sometimes

Hey friend, I agree with @Anthonylawson that there is certainly strength in numbers. Music is definitely a great way to calm your mind, so could engaging in a hobby. And yes, open up to your girlfriend or other loved ones you feel comfortable with. You’re not alone @MRLeite15, hold fast.

There are days I will drive for a couple hours or find a spot and some cbd and just listen to music. It’s literally the best medicine I feel

Its happen to me acouple days ago, I was having a great weekend and then all sudden I snap. Unfortunely, it come like a bad headache. But reminder it not your fault, it happen and dont try get too stress about it. If ever need to talk here is a good place.

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