Confused and heart broken

Post breakup update: Everything seemed better and in motion until today happened…I had the expectation that we were going to spend the day together and perhaps talk some things out. Although, she ripped me a new one for respectfully calling and waking her up after 2 o’clock in the afternoon. The convo got worse as we continued on simply because I couldn’t give in to the fact that I know I did nothing wrong. She allowed her emotions to make the decision to respond with disrespect and aggression. I did my best to be patient and understanding but I just couldn’t help myself this time around. I don’t want to always be the only one in the wrong every time. That’s not fair to me and I’m honestly upset. I’m trying my best to believe there is hope in this but she has said some very hurtful things and I’m not sure what to do anymore.

Your partner is giving you a hard time? Let her vent it out, and take a few minutes to rethink what she did. Help her and love her with your full heart. Let her know that you think about her. When the time is right you can talk with her and ask “what did I do wrong to make you upset?” In order to work with her, you will have to give her your full attention and Patience. If you can’t seem to work it out, I suggest going to a therapist to work out your relationship. Spend as much time with her you possibly can, make her feel special. IF either of you smoke or drink, maybe its time to call it a quit, it won’t help your relationship, it will only cause your guys health to go low, and you both could get cancer.