Confused and stressed

I want to feel peace, meditation or intent seems like the only way to get better. I was gonna say something but for now I’m just trying to forget, relax, maybe just sleep it off. New here btw, so sorry if I’m not posting properly, idk if I’m creating a forum or a post so ye.


Hello and welcome! I don’t believe there is a “right way” or posting here. What matters is that you reached out! So take your time, relax, its ok. I for one am not going anywhere lol. When ever your ready to talk, just type, its ok if you can’t word it properly or anything, heck when I talk to my friends im a jumbled mess, but they ask questions to understand. Feel no pressure to share anything that you don’t want to, we will still be here for you.


Hey @anon14688970,

Welcome here! :slight_smile: As @DoomonSh13 said, there’s definitely no right or wrong way to post. Only some community guidelines of course, but you’re totally fine, no worries. You just share your heart as it is at the moment. This is what this place is for. Thank you so much for being here. :hrtlegolove:

Meditation and being intentional are, indeed, things that are often suggested these days in order to feel more at peace but there can be many other outlets. What helps you generally? Does meditation work for you? We all have different experiences and things that help us to relax, and this could be a good opportunity to learn to know you a little more. No pressure though. Always share what you want and feel comfortable with. <3

I hope you managed to relax after you posted. If you’re okay with it, let us know how you’re doing. :hrtlegolove:

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