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I sent my ex this;

“i realize we dont talk much now
im sorry
do you want space? i can give you space if you want me too”

and they responded with, “yeah, at least for now”

I don’t know why it hurt me so much to read that… but I’m now fighting the urge to cry… and I just don’t know how to cope with these feelings, since we have a class together… I don’t want to go to school anymore…


that was an excellent text!

I’m proud of you for recognizing this is what they need, and you were able to ask directly. Would it help you to remember that there is no hidden motive in the text? They just need time to sort themselves out. It’s not a rejection of you or anything.

It’s rough when everything feels like it’s made of emotions. But it can get better, and hopefully the emotions will be a bit more bearable. Would it help if you reminded yourself that goin to school and giving them space is prob going to help them? If you can power through it, then you may both be able to slowly learn how to interact again as schoolmates or classmates, and not as bfs.


it’s just… they were the one who gave me the reassurance and support i needed in school… but i cant have that for now and out of all times today i go back to my dad…

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Im so sorry to read this. I hope situation gets at least a bit better soon


But dont miss class, its very important that you get educated

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