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Continuously tired


Currently I feel stuck in being tired.

It doesn’t help my sister has been watching a baby and a toddler for the weekend and I have had to help. Right now I’m just so tired.

I took a nap yesterday; I’m trying to get my sleep schedule back on track but it’s hard when all my friends are active at night. I think another part is just not liking being stuck with my parents all weekend. Idk it’s just annoying.

Another thing weighing on me is last night my family met my sisters boyfriend, he was cool. But recently I’ve been flirting with a guy and I asked if he wanted to go on a date and he said yes and I’m just scared.

What if I butt out? What if he butts out? What if it just doesn’t work out? What if like I die- idk my brain goes from 0 to 100 very fast. My anxiety with people has always held me back which is why I’ve never dated anyone and I’m 19- I get some people go longer than that but yeah. I’m just basing this off of my sister- like she started dating at 16 so I guess that’s just why I feel behind.

I’m not wanting to date just because I feel “behind” I just met a guy and we started talking and I like him. I’m not into all the mushy gushy stuff like my sister is, which is why I haven’t told my parents yet.

Still no job. Still struggling. Still tired. Still depressed and anxious.

I’m so freaking tired.


@Lyss, I’m tired too. But you know, we can be tired together! :slight_smile:
I’m sure you want to see your friends, but take care of yourself first! Get your sleep schedule back on line, and try not to give up hope. Yes, you’re stuck in this rut at the moment, but it won’t last forever. It won’t, ok?

It’s perfectly normal to feel scared and anxious about dating and seeing a guy, especially for the first time. You can work through this anxiety, pluck it off one pebble at a time. Take a breath. This guy likes you, he said yes to your invitation. Nice, by the way, it’s about time the girl asks the guy out. If he butts out, you have every right to ask why. Perhaps he’s shy and anxious like you about it. Don’t listen to any lying anxious thoughts, this is your world, your decisions and feelings.

I understand about feeling behind, but remember, everyone takes their own pace. You deserve to have your own pace. We can chat and do things for other people, but ultimately you need to like yourself. Your sister is not a goddess that you need to follow. You don’t need to look at anyone else.

Stay strong, ok friend? Don’t forget your smile, it’s right there under your nose! :slight_smile:


You’re not the only one - I feel tired and mentally fatigued nearly all the time too.


I’m always tired too. With the guy I would just wait and see where it goes. I hope everything goes well for you!


Tiredness and fatigue create a vicious circle. If you get make yourself get more regular sleep and have an hour or two before bed to chill out listening to music or watching your favourite movies, etc. Going for a walk also helps some people.

I say all of the above, because I also suffer badly from mental fatigue/depression/anxiety.