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I dance regularly and whenever I do, sometimes I feel like “what’s the point?”

Dance is self expression. It is not just an art to be watched, but also a way to express yourself how you are as you are. No one has the same expression as you and that is really cool. Dance can be like therapy too. You can dance to express something that is too difficult to put into words.
What is your favorite kind of dance?
I love lyrical jazz. I was never the best at it, but it’s movements and expression always spoke to me and I always felt good dancing it. Even if I knew I didn’t look the most technically proficient it always reached my heart.

Because it’s fun. Do you need another reason?

Having fun lowers your blood pressure and reduces your chances of heart failure, and, most importantly, it makes you happy.

I think that if it is something that you enjoy then you should absolutely continue to do it whether or not you consider yourself good at it or not. I love to paint, but I am really terrible at it, I do it anyways because it brings me joy and happiness. I hope you continue to dance and I hope it continues to bring you joy.

Hold Fast,
Hannah Presley
HS Intern

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