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I recently read David Goggin’s book “Can’t Hurt Me.” In the book he references his “cookie jar” to pull from in hard times. It really struck a nerve for me. The “cookie jar” is full of “cookies” which are previous tough times, catastrophes, heart breaks, etc that you’ve gone through in the past and made it out. It’s a great reminder to me any time I start feeling like things won’t get better, i’ll never get outta this whole, i wish i wasn’t here, etc… that i’ve been through much worse and those terrible times have always taught me new ways to combat them. I also like to think of the “cookie jar” as things that i can pull out to defeat or counter those terrible feelings that rise up. Working out, martial arts, music, nature, helping others… those are my “cookies” that I can always turn to! I’ve learned that I’m either constructive or destructive, and i’m not one to half ass anything… so i try to check myself very quickly when I start to feel those overwhelming feelings raising up inside of me and in my mind. I just thought i’d throw that out there for anyone looking for a good read! The audio book is awesome, as it kinda goes like a podcast. Great insight!
Anyone wanna add some “cookies” that you use in your daily battles?