Coping with delusion

I have been deluded by a bunch of people, of course I’m not going to share the details because it would involve other people and I hate trash talk (both the habit and the band, to be honest), but what I feel like sharing is that I have drastically changed my mind regarding a lot of things and therefore distancing myself ideologically from the people I was involved with. This makes me feel sad, deluded and lonely, and also does not really motivate me to do anything other than just existing, maybe playing the drums by myself, going to the movies, going to the pub, all things that I enjoy but that I feel they do not contribute to such a troubled world as the one we live in. I just wanted to do the right thing, and it all got out of control.

hi friend,
I deal with the same thing. you aren’t alone. just wanna let you know you’re strong and will beat this. it’s gonna take time but you have the power to get through this and I know you will :heart:
stay strong

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