Coping with Loneliness

So I’m recently single, and I’m trying to enjoy being single. I recently got out of a relationship, which left my self esteem shot. Right now, I’m trying to discover myself and get closer to God rather than focus on finding a significant other. The problem is I’m always feeling lonely and worried I won’t find someone. It’s affecting my confidence, and it’s causing my depression and anxiety to flare constantly. This isn’t healthy, I don’t want this. I realize how childish this sounds, but I just needed to rant here.

Hey friend,

Its common to feel those ways after getting out of a relationship. The thought of not having that certain someone by your side every minuet is very discouraging to begin with. For the time being I would continue to work on the things you wanted to work on and also go out with friends and live your life. Enjoy being single.

Hold fast.

Hey, you can say whatever you want on here.
And let’s not forget there’s hundreds of people in the world, so don’t worry about not finding someone. You first have be okay with yourself, and especially confident in yourself or else someone might take you for granted in the future.
I understand what you say about your self esteem, but trust me when I say you don’t need anyone else to tell you you’re a good person who has value.

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Hold Fast, Friend.




Thank you for sharing and being so vulnerable! I know it takes a lot to just simply put everything out there, but it is the only way we can continually grow.

I completely understand your sentiment and what you are experiencing, because I have been there myself. There are a couple different ways you can look at it (my humble opinion). Your intentionality is great in wanting to focus on God, which is a noble thing to desire. However, it’s important to reflect and ask yourself that true surrender of letting go and giving it to God means not dwelling on it and focusing on Him. Another thing to note, I think it is extremely important to focus on yourself as well. Focus on your goals aspirations and what you want to continue grow into as a person for loving yourself well as well as building yourself into a person that will be able to give and pour into the relationship when it comes and that is something you can do today. Focus on loving yourself, God, and I firmly believe that the relationship will natural present itself organically in the right timing and it will be well worth it. I know it’s hard, but continually keep fighting and I hope nothing but the best for you!


I agree with these guys! My most recent relationship left me in the same place, I understand. Don’t be afraid to grieve, however long it takes. It’s hard at first, so allow yourself time and be gentle with yourself. And yeah, use now and to get closer to the Lord like you wanted, which is great, and also use it to find out more of what you want and don’t want in life as it is now. I am starting to reach the point in mine where I’m healing and enjoying my time alone, and I’m excited for you to find freedom and healing as well!!! Keep fighting and keep growing, and realize that your worth is forever of great value, no matter what people may do or think, because there is a savior who thinks you’re so precious he didn’t want to be without you. You’re a treasure!!!