Coronavirus fears

I’m afraid this outbreak will never end. It just seems like it will go on forever.


I understand friend. It certainly can feel that way sometimes. I struggle a lot of anxiety too

But we have each other to lean on, talk to and hang with while we get through this together.

Stay strong friend. You aren’t alone.

Dan from heart support is streaming right now. Maybe you can come hang and talk with us? I find it really helps.

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@Natemd15 - On the bright side, the stock market is going up and the economy is slowly healing! Hold in there, friend. :slight_smile:



There are a lot of uncertainties right now, and it’s normal to feel anxious and helpless. It’s also really healthy to express your fears here. Try to keep focusing on what it’s on your control right now. To stay safe. To reach out to the people you love. To follow the recommendations in your country. To focus on activities that help you to relax and bring you a sense of safety. You’ll be okay. :heart: