Could use new friends

Hey guys. Its been awhile. I just wanted to connect with some new people. Im going through a break up and my mom passed a way almost a year ago. Im thinking about both alot right now. I could use some new friends


Hey fren. Im so sorry…i pray for your healing. Always here if you need to talk :two_hearts:

This place is wonderful for connecting and finding all sort of people. Always here if you need to talk!

Thank you! I really need it

Hey cjones,

Sorry that you’re going through a breakup, man…I know you know you’re going to be okay, but the hollowness you feel at the loss of this relationship really blows, and having this reminder of losing your mom…gosh dude, just one-two punch. It’s like, you’re already low and feeling sad, and then have this sharp reminder of a deep pain in your life. Sounds like you’ve got a lot to process. Glad you’re reaching out :slight_smile: <3

Hello friend, so sorry for your loss.

Write down here or message me whenever. I’m always busy but I always try to take some time for others, so if I don’t reply straight away it’s completely normal.

Love you

Pioggia :sunflower:

Hey @Cjones! Come join HeartSupport’s Discord! You can make tons of friends there too. :slight_smile:

That is what is great about sites like these. You can always make new friends.

my mother passed away two short years ago and i still feel the pain everyday. reaching out is one of the best things you can do. especially talking about it. don’t keep it bottled up inside, it will eat you alive. things will become a lot brighter.