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Court Hearing for Injunction against Harasser, Defamer and Stalker


I’ve got a Court Hearing for Injunction against my Harasser and Stalker early next month. Bit nervous about it. Need to travel quite far and stay overnight. He’s also been Arrested and Interviewed by the Police and will hopefully been Charged in the coming weeks.


Oh man! I can understand why you are nervous. I wish you the best of luck! I know how stressful court is! I had to go through court for my divorce and that was so anxiety inducing. So dealing with a harasser and stalker I can only imagine how nerve wracking that is! I hope it goes well for you and that there is peace and resolve.


hey friend , I wish you luck in this . hope everything turns out for the best . i know this is scary now but things will be alright . Keep on fighting my friend !


Hey friend, I understand what that feels like. The anxiety of not only court and the travel but having to see them there. The best thing I can honesty say as a bit of advice is what helped me through my PFA court hearings and my court dates that I still have to deal with. Keep your head up high. Do not back down and honesty… it’s okay to not have to look at your stalker. It’s okay to be scared and nervous. Everything is going to be fine and once it’s over you will honesty look back and wonder why you were nervous in the first place.

Your stronger then you know because you spoke up about it. And remember don’t ever let anyone tell you to back down from any charges. Your safety is what matters.

Stay strong love! Your strong!

Best of luck!



Thanks very much guys


It went terrible. I was made to feel like the perpetrator, not the victim. They even laughed at me out loud before the Judge entered the court room, talked loudly over the Judge three times and turned to me and tried to verbally intimidate and bully me. I refused to respond to them. My hands were shaking from frustration, anger and stress during and after the hearing for days. It’s too complicated to go into hear, but basically the Defendant manipulated the Judge and had submitted so-called evidence and not provided myself with a copy (I am pretty sure some of this was fabricated.) I am now having to apply for the Judgement to be Set Aside. Fortunately, I got the Police involved earlier, so hopefully he will soon be Charged with Online Stalking and Harassment.