COVID killing those I love

Okay so there is this girl I love. She and I both work in a hospital. She works as a nurse and I work in a different non patient care department. she and I are also great friends. I asked her out recently and she turned me down which hurt but ismt what’s bothering me. Her mom is weighting heavy. With the COVID happening shits crazy at the hospital. She and her mom both work together. her mom got sick recently with COVID sypmtoms and dies this early this morning. Her mom and I were close to as our departments work together a lot. I just need some support right now. I feel like this is a losing battle with the virus. People are not taking it serious but ask any health care worker and the physiological toll is huge. I cant help but cry thinking of her death. She wasnt that old, its wasnt her time. She never did anything wrong. Her whole fucking life was helping people!! She didnt deserve this. Neither her nor her daughter. I know I gotta he strong for her daughter (my friend) but when I’m alone I’m just falling apart. Even just writing this I can feel the pain and tears coming up. I’m sorry for putting this all on anyone who reads this. No one else should have to feel this pain


I am so sorry my friend. That’s so hard. There have been so many lives lost to this virus. It’s heart breaking. It’s true that not everyone is taking it serious. But many are. And I think that as time goes on that more and more people are realizing how serious this is.

I’m very sorry for your loss. I know I can’t even begin to express words that can take away the pain that comes with that. Nobody deserves this.

It’s okay to fall apart. It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to cry. Take the time you need to do what you need to release. Don’t bottle them up. Writing on the wall is a great outlet. So is journaling. And I hope that you have people you can connect and talk to.

Sending love my friend. Times are hard, indeed. Very sorry for your loss.