Crazy anti-vaxx parents

for the love of god I’ve been fighting with them for years over the covid vaccine and no argument works. I need a way to get vaxxed where an adult signs for me and I can go on my schools international trip. My dad doesn’t give a damn and said that I’m just going to play here and not go on the trip. I am planning on majoring in my instrument and I won’t be able to play in another country if I don’t get vaxxed. I’m going to FUCJKING LOSE IT


Hi caviartoasty
I understand your frustration. There is a coleague at a place a work at and they have been against vaccination. The have been in contact with a person that was Covid positive a didnt tell us. Half of the people where i work got sick. I was ok because I am vaccinated and I guess a bit lucky but still. It is so fucking irresponsible. I just wanted to say that I get your frustration and I am sorry you are in a situation like that. Some people are just so… ahhhhh. Can you get you grandparents to sign maybe?

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My grandma doesn’t have a car/license, and she might tell on me to my mom if I involve her. Tensions are high between inlaws/family anyways and she might not sign for me but idk.


Hi, caviartoasty

If you are able to, talk to a physician who can give you options if your parent refuse to sign off on getting you vaccinated. This can be from anywhere that is able to give Vaccines, Target, CVS, Safeway. Or a vaccination clinic. If this really matters to you, you do what you have to to get it done. Within legal boundaries of course.


Gosh @caviartoasty, this is so frustrating. You are grown and aware enough to make your own decisions on that matter but there is still this legal requirement with your parents. It sucks! And just how it’s impacting your life and possibility to do what you want as well.

Did you have the possibility to have an argumented conversation with your parents about it? Not a dispute, but really an conversation to explain that if they want to use their right to decide for themselves, then they should also let you benefit of the same right.
Could they consider having a conversation with both you and your general practicioner to mediate a little bit?

I really hope that your parents will accept to follow your decisions when it comes to your body.


I have had more civil debates than there are stars in the night sky. NOTHING gets through to these people :)).

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I have had more civil debates than there are stars in the night sky. NOTHING gets through to these people :)).

May I ask what are their own arguments/how they justify their position to you?

it gets very political/libertarian/conservative VERY fast, that is the only thing they have. Its bad. My mom brings up that its a relatively new vaccine and FLIPS when I call her an anti-vaxxer because I have received all of the other vaccines. my dad starts making threats against the school district and our very liberal state. Nothing gets through to these people. As someone who NEVER gives up, I’m giving up.

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That is really tough.

I’ve been wondering what kind of people have authority in the eyes of your parents? And if you have any health provider, or doctor whom your parents respect, to eventually have a conversation with them about it? Oftentimes when it’s about ideas and perceptions like these, we need to find who is a figure of authority for the person because they would be more inclined to listen to them. Maybe there could be resources even to find out there on this matter?

I’m sorry if my questions bring their share of frustration as well. I have no doubt that you’ve been trying to address this situation in many ways, and I understand how this could be exhausting for you. I just want to see with you if there are options that we could consider and help you with. an issue can seem unsolvable, but who knows? Sometimes with the right amount of patience and commitment, unexpected changes can happen too. The fact that your parents have their own beliefs/perception of these situations respond to needs that are profundly human, and trying to address those needs directly could be a way to communicate with them effectively.

Not sure if what I’m saying makes sense the way it is expressed. I just hope you know that we are here to encourage you. This is indeed a very frustrating situation.

you said everything perfectly. The only authority figure they have is conspiracy theorists and fake doctors on YouTube. They won’t listen to anyone credible.

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