Crazy. Need prayers

If you all could keep me in your prayers. I’ve been pursuing a dream of mine which has lead me to the CEO of a Body armor company who running for governor and has made me his campaign advisor. It’s a lot at 20, and has been exciting and kind of scary. He’s booked plane tickets for me to come spend Christmas with him and his family. The plan is to spend Christmas with a family this year. Something I haven’t done in many many years. He also wants to go Hunt mountain lions on Christmas morning. Here’s the thing, he wants to do it with a spear or bare handed. I’ve done some crazy things in my life but this is near the top. So I either am crowned king of badasses and the last of the greatest ambitious men, or so help me God I will die trying. Please keep me in your thoughts

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Just prayed for you.

Praying for you friend :blush: