Creating a Healthy routine & the struggle of it. (time management)

Hi Heartsupport & Friends.
It’s been a while, but once again I am asking for your help. Thank you in advance.
(I may add no rush to answer, long term problem)

Wishing for some feedback to my own thoughts.

I know like kids, adults. Need routine.
Unfortunately I can’t seem to stick to one.
“Unfortunately” there is one vice to my system.
Watching Kitboga, unless I am tired and are sleeping or going to sleep.

Let me try cut down to the nuts & bolts of things.

I come from a place where routine could “get you in trouble” nice way of saying it, and it must be avoided at all costs. It’s instilled in me. I’m sure my brothers & sisters know what i speak of.

How to break this cycle which goes in my mind for survival? and create a “normal” or at least scheduled routine.

Not to be up late at night (past 1am is a goal for me right now)

I can see, using what I know that in chess, using a “routine” “opening” can lead to advantage. just an example of thought

I “KNOW” how beneficial a “systematic” routine schedule will benefit me.

I just can’t seem to break the cycles.

I’ll maybe stick to it for weeks, then just switch back to breaking routine.

I heard 21 days to get into a routine & 90 days to make it a habit.

Underlaying problems are no social contacts on daily basis, no propper hobbies.
I hear keep busy a lot, but that doesn’t help.
I don’t want to be walking x - 20 miles a day just to be occupied and on the move.

Just want to get some feedback, i think my mind just isn’t stimulated enough with learning new things that I haven’t pursued.

I appreciate general advice from anyone.


Hi TwoWayPath!
I’m inspired by your spirit and your determination to create a routine and introduce some balance in your life. I know that it can be hard when you break your routine, it may seem like a setback in your path, but progress is not linear. If progress was graphed, the general trend will be towards your goal, but there may be dips along the way. These represent challenges that you face, challenges you are working on overcoming. Your ability to stick to your routine will improve over time as long as you keep your goals in your sights. Heart Support is always here to encourage you whenever you need it.
You got this


Hey there, good to hear from you! As the wonderful gremlin mentioned, it’s not a linear process. What may take someone two days to get into a habit of may take someone two months.

As far as getting into a routine, I feel you! I find it incredibly hard to make a routine and stick with it no matter how enthused I think I am.

As far as getting to bed before a certain time, I think little steps like ensuring you don’t use your phone an hour before bed or maybe even just limiting the screen time. Which could look like not watching things on the phone, but maybe reading as an example.
While keeping busy works for some people, you are right that keeping busy isn’t always good for social needs.

If you were wanting to get exercise and make sure your body is ready for a good rest by bed time, it could be that instead of continuously keeping busy, you join an exercise class so that there are other people to engage with.

I know when I have too many ideas or things I want to start at once it becomes so overwhelming I shut down and don’t do any of it.


Hi my Friend,
thank you so much for reaching out.
Routines has and were something that are important for me, my whole life, even more since i am struggling with my
mental health. to build them up, to keep them up is very difficult und not easy sometimes, but for me they are like a
little safe place. things that i know i do, at a certain time of day.
you can do that with all you do, morning routine, breakfast, after work, sleep.
i created a routine with different tasks, one after another, when i stand up, when i got home, and when i go to sleep.
a routine on my day of therapy also. this day is different, i am lost for nearly the whole day and barely can do something.
when you go to sleep, try maybe to go of a screen, your phone or any device for at least not an hour. read something, meditate, breathe anything like that, music helps a lot.
it is always worth a try. you are worth of that. you matter most and you are loved :purple_heart:
feel hugged

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