Creepy experience

Some frickin’ girl dm’d me asking for help. And I don’t even know her.

She may have went to middle school with me, but I don’t even know her nor I don’t want to talk to her.

I try to dm people I know on Instagram.

I have blocked her, and told her to never dm me again.

The same encounter happened before.


Lots of people pretend to be others, or old friends. One or two people a month message me, having hacked or cloned accounts of one of my friends. I have no problem figuring out who’s a fake, so I report and block them. I also let the real friend know their account’s been compromised.

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It is completely fine to block someone you don’t know. As @Wings said, when it comes to online interactions, you never know. On Instagram especially, a lot of trandom DMs are from bots, so it’s always worth it to filter what you receive.

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