Crying every morning because of OCD

I’m going to see a therapist in April but I’m crying every morning about my OCD thoughts. Six months I’ve been putting my boots down and deal with these intrusive thoughts. Exposure therapy has helped a little, but I have a purpose and grab-on with where i want my thoughts to go, yet the intrusive negative thoughts still comes. I don’t know if telling myself that i dont support it is a compulsion?? Anyways, I stopped saying and now just live with the thoughts even though it is uncomfortable. Now, I just count to ten and breathe. Deep inside I know the intrusive thoughts are something i don’t want to support.
I cry every morning whenever these intrusive thoughts attached itself into my mind. I know i got a solid foundation but I still cry about my intrusive thoughts. It goes against my values and ruined my mood! I need help please anyone~


This sounds like so much to handle! I’m so glad you’re reaching out for help in therapy. I’ve recently started therapy myself, and oh boy it’s a lot of work! Remember that this is a journey, not a quick stop. Healing takes time for body and mind alike. Be sure to give these thoughts to your counselor so they can help you understand and work through that feeling of uncertainty. You’re on the way :slight_smile: Keep going <3

Those thoughts are hard to fight, I deal with them to myself. You try some DBT skills or get a DBT book, they really good life lesson and talk about how not let thoughts bring you down.

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