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Crying From Relief

Someone I care about was sick and I didn’t realize how worried I was but they are back and I cannot stop crying from relief. I’ve never felt this way before. I didn’t realize how scared I was but these tears are proof. I’m so happy they are okay. I hope they stay healthy. I hope they stay healthy.


Oh @Watson, these tears must be so welcome right now. Make sure to let it out, let it be, just as it is. It’s okay. As you’ve said, there must be some legitimate stress that has been piling up given the situation. It’s a human - and loving - reaction that you have. Now the pressure needs to be released.

I’m glad this person you care about is doing okay. Sending lots of love to you and them. :hrtlegolove:


Hi Watson
I am glad that those you care about are safe. Its healthy to cry. Those heavy emotions you felt needed relief and you allowed it to happen. Dont hold back your tears. :wink:


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